We develop software for secure online testing.
And we use artificial intelligence to recognise learning progress and to discover and foster potential.

Why bywyd?

Simple Software - Great Benefit

We understand you and your everyday life. That's why our software is easy and intuitive to use and technically reliable and secure. bywyd supports you in teaching and training, examining, supervising and promoting - and saves you time in the process.

Simple & Intuitive

Switch on your device and go

Use the learners' own devices in a secure environment for teaching, recognizing performance or fostering their potential - easily and intuitively. Apart from electricity, you don't need any infrastructure such as servers.

Secure & Robust

You are safe with us

The multi-level security concept of bywyd ensures that only what is allowed is used during examinations. Through maximum reliability and dependability, bywyd is always ready for use and all data is always secured.

Didactical & Practical

Experience diversity

Expand the didactic possibilities in teaching and in testing in a practical way with software, videos, etc. Provide all learners with the same learning environment incl. materials per click.

Supporting & Facilitating

Unfolding potentials

Discover strengths, weaknesses and potential of your learners by analyses from bywyd and get advice on how to foster strengths, compensate for weaknesses and develop potential. 

Measurable & Visible

Monitor successes

Knowledge is not visible. bywyd visualizes the invisible and makes it possible to monitor the success of (continuing) education. This enables resources to be used in a more targeted and efficient way.

Relieving & Efficient

Treat resources with care

bywyd saves your time - when conducting and correcting exams, when planning teaching, training and further education and helps you to use resources sensibly.

What You Get - Our Products

We Make Your Potential Visible

Rome was not built in a day. That's why we accompany you with our solutions step by step in the development of your potential.

Potenzial fördern

bywyd for schools

Support your teaching digitally, test online and securely at your school, foster potential and monitor learning progress.

Potenzial fördern

bywyd for enterprises

Develop the potential in your company, check whether further training brings the desired success and find talent.

Our Vision

For a Better World

Human development is based on the tools we use. We find that technology should be a tool to unfold our true humanity.

Potenzial fördern

Your Potential Matters

We are fascinated by human capability and the possibilities of the digital world. By bringing both together, we can support you in discovering and developing your potential - for you, for all of us, for a better world.


Because one size fits no one.

About bywyd

We Take Responsibility

Our life and our potential are directly connected: The more we are allowed to live our unique strengths, the more unrestrained our energy flows, the happier we are and the more likely we are to respect other living beings.


As a Welsh word, bywyd translates as "life", "liveliness", "momentum", "course of life", but also "reward".

Life & Potential

We are convinced that all of our lives become happier and more 'successful' when we are allowed to develop our potential and are valued for it.


That is why we develop technical solutions to recognize and foster potential at an early stage and to connect talent.

Schriftzug Damit das Wissen wachsen kann

Our Team

Find Your Passion

»Passion may be the only natural renewable resource that we have.
John Hattie

Development Enthusiast and Driver,
CEO & Founder

Gabriele Frankl

Oliver Maurhart
Passionate Software and Security Expert,
CTO & Founder

Oliver Maurhart

Manuel Warum
Ardent Software Engineer, DevOps Pipeline Plumber, aspiring Site Reliability Engineer & Founder

Manuel Warum

Gerd Kollmann
Mobile and Web Expert &

Gerd Kollmann

Roman Cvelf
Assistance &
Support Guru

Roman Cvelf

Security Assistant and
Team Climate-Coach


Contact Us

We Let You Grow


    Unfold your potential.
    Shape your future.

    Oliver und Gabi
    bywyd Logo
    Oliver und Gabi
    bywyd Logo
    Oliver und Gabi
    bywyd Logo
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