bywyd For Enterprises

Discover and Promote Talents and Potentials

Employees need support to discover and unfold their talents and potential. bywyd helps both - the talents and their supporters in the company.

What is the use?

The lack of talent is often just a lack of attention. Employees tend to have many more skills and competences than their current position in the company would suggest. Allow bywyd to find talent in your own company!

People flourish when they are allowed to grow and use their talents and potentials. Companies flourish when employees contribute their talents and potentials. Often, even those talents can be developed quickly in the company that are desperately sought on the labour market. So what are you waiting for? bywyd is ready. Are you? 

Attention, appreciation, encouragement, development. All this is balm for the soul. Supported – and challenged – employees live happier and healthier lives, have a positive effect on their environment and on the success of the company.  

If further skills and competences are needed, bywyd supports in finding external talents.

Why support the unfolding of talents and potentials digitally?

Our talents and potentials are not always obvious - neither our own nor those of others. Often it takes an intensive examination to recognize the genuine potentials. Since we lack both the knowledge and the time to do this in practice, bywyd has packed extensive expertise into algorithms and artificial intelligence and continues learning in order to improve the recognition of potential on an ongoing basis. To put people to work where it makes 'sense' and is a pleasure.

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