Kikina, short: Kiki

Passions: my pack leader, my pack, long walks, the couch, animal and environmental protection and …treats.

Belief: Miracles sometimes happen.

I was put in a plastic bag and thrown into the rubbish as a baby in Hungary. Miraculously, I survived. My mother and my siblings did not. I ended up in a care home, where it was enough to survive, but nothing more. In the freezing winter of 2013 – many of us froze to death because the shelter didn’t have enough indoor places – a human being suddenly appeared, packed with blankets, food and treats. She wanted to take an old, black male dog with her to Austria. But I decided otherwise. I convinced her that I was the right dog for her, a brown, relatively young female. That was the second miracle in my life. I came to my new home in Austria. From then on things went steeply uphill. My health improved from day to day, the warmth and the sufficient, high-quality food turned me into a magnificent dog. My fur became thick and shiny and my eyes clear and bright. I absorbed this hitherto unknown feeling of love and gave even more of it back. 

I have been a successful office security dog for nine years now and am infinitely grateful for my journey. Because there are still far too many human and animal babies fates like mine in this world, I believe in bywyd. Because bywyd has set itself the goal of making this world a more peaceful place. If people receive appreciation, love and attention for their uniqueness, if they are encouraged, can develop and their talents are recognized and appreciated, then hopefully they can also treat other living beings, especially the weaker ones, with respect. And that would be a step towards a better world. For everyone. 

In addition, bywyd has committed to donate. For animals, children, the environment. And I know from my own experience how urgently donations are needed.

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MAR 2013 – JUN 2013 ǀ  Puppy class 
Crazy Dogs

JUL 2013 – AUG 2013 ǀ Dog school, discontinued
Crazy Dogs

SEP 2021 – ongoing ǀ  IFA Unternehmensberatung GmbH
Security Dog 

APR 2021 – ongoing ǀ  Self-employed
Security Dog for the headquarter of bywyd

JAN 2013  MAR 2021 ǀ  Universität Klagenfurt
Security Dog of the department of eLearning Service

Team- & Beziehungskompetenz100%
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