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Why online-testing?

Learners need support.

Humans need other humans. Often, however, these humans have too little time to recognize the individual learning progress of individuals.
Online-testing sets resources free for personal support by relieving the burden of correction, among other things – through the easier readability of typed answers and automated correction of standardised question types.

Online tests offer more variety in question types, for example also the integration of videos in exams. This makes it easier to test procedural knowledge. 

Online tests also make it possible to use software that is used in the classroom in examinations. This is how “constructive alignment” (according to John Biggs) is achieved, i.e. there are no inconsistencies between teaching, learning methods and the assessment environment.

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Online tests make it easier to evaluate and analyse individual and collective performance – as a valuable basis for supporting further learning and specifying and improving questions.

Digital tests enable playful interactions. This motivates students to i.a. check their own learning progress. 

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