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Use the smart monitoring of bywyd to overview the learning progress of your students, to support them in a targeted way or to intervene in a corrective way and to use resources sensibly.

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What is the point of monitoring?

Without knowing what students understand and what they don’t, how long they need for tasks and when they get bored, lessons become one-size-fits-all, over-challenging some and under-challenging others. Montoring can remedy this and stimulate the more advanced students, while those who need more support get it. bywyd also coaches the teacher while coaching – of course with a perfect fit. 

If trends are known, supportive or corrective interventions can be made. bywyd creates learning curves for each student and offers you recommendations on when to intervene. bywyd also provides ideas on what the intervention could look like. In this way, you and your students are supported in the best possible way. 

Acquired knowledge is difficult to correct, even if it is incorrect. It is therefore all the more important to recognise incorrect concepts as early as possible. Otherwise, follow-up knowledge cannot be built up. The student then loses the overview and motivation. This can mean that the class goal is not reached or that the student drops out of school early. bywyd detects comprehension difficulties early on and provides warnings to steer the learning trend back in a positive direction.

At bywyd, we want you and your students to make efficient use of the most precious resource we have – time. Students receive tasks at their individual level. Idle time that makes no didactic sense is eliminated.  Teachers can use their time for targeted impulses and interventions to accompany and support pupils as optimally as possible. 

Why support the overview of learning progress digitally?

Learning processes are too complex to observe. Humans can hardly keep track of them, but digital systems are not sufficient either. bywyd relies on the interaction of natural and artificial intelligence - on human intuition and smart algorithms. bywyd provides indications of who is doing well in their learning and who is struggling, and suggests which support might be useful for whom. With pedagogical competence and empathy, the teacher can then target his/her attention and time so that all students get the support they need. Even if they do not stand out much in the classroom.

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